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Aaliyah' is a musical about living with Epilepsy in a South-Asian family setting. Inspired by a true events and set in present-day Australia, recently diagnosed Aaliyah, who is carrying a terrible secret, returns home to care for her sick father. The musical explores themes of living with neurodivergence, friendship, family, home, spirituality, and love. It also raises awareness about Epilepsy and how it impacts the surroundings of the diagnosed individual. The music has genres of predominantly South-Asian Music with an infusion of contemporary classical rock, Music Theatre, Jazz, folk and Blues.

This Musical is written to shine light on the minority communities who live with and suffer from neurodiverse and chronic noncommunicable diseases and ensuring that their stories are represented on our national stages. Key demographics this work would reach include neurodivergent and disability communities, South-Asian and migrant communities, and it also has potential for education programs within schools.


Aaliyah is currently in Development

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