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About Almitra Mavalvala

Almitra (She/Her) is a Sydney-based, Persian Pakistani, performing artist, writer, composer and independent producer who hails from Karachi, Pakistan. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music (Music Theatre) from the Australian Institute of Music. Almitra began her theatre journey in Pakistan, where she worked on productions such as Ira Levin's "Death Trap" and Nida Butt's musical "Grease." Almitra pursued her passion for theater and film by studying special effects makeup, which deepened her knowledge of the craft. She returned to Pakistan to direct and produce her first music video, which featured her own original music and lyrics.


Almitra’s theatre credits include Fiddler on the Roof (Willoughby Theatre Company) & Kinky Boots (Packemin Production). She was also part of the Feminist Comedy show ‘Tough Titties’ as a featured musical artist. Her screen credits include, a short film, ‘Red Lantern’ (Noah Films, Supporting Female Lead)


She has also composed and written music for various projects, including "The Breaths in Between" with Eleven O Clock Theatre and is currently developing her own musical, "Aaliyah." Almitra premiered her autobiographical show "Blacklisted" at the Hayes Theatre, which addresses the urgent and important issues of displacement of home, racial profiling, and immigration.  She is passionate about representation on stage/screen for marginalised communities and is an advocate for Epilepsy. Almitra hopes that her stories will resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact beyond the theatre.


Photo Credit: Mansoor Noor

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